Monday, January 4, 2016

Rare Snowboarding Helmet + Jamaaliday Clearance

Hey jammers! The Rare Snowboarding Helmet is this week's contribution to Rare Item Monday! Pick up your (odd color choice) Rare Snowboarding Helmet on the first page of Shiveer Shoppe. 
A good starting point to 2016, yes? Jamaalidays have come to an end, which means all Jamaaliday items are now on clearance in Jamaa's shops. Grab your favorites while you can!

Jam Mart Clothing
Jam Mart Furniture 
It appears the Giant Present Pile is staying 

Epic Wonders
Diamond Shop
Outback Imports
Treetop Gardens
Shiveer Shoppe
Bahari Bargains
Sunken Treasures 
Mystery Emporium
 Before I forget, the Carnation Flowers have returned to Treetop Gardens! Do you have a collection of the seasonal flowers? They're beautiful! 
Happy jamming everyone! xo

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