Saturday, January 9, 2016

Snowflake Crown & Hidden References in Jamaa

Hey jammers! Snowyclaw back for a little Saturday post. Our new item is a returning winter classic (it's part of Play Wild as well), the Snowflake Crown, sold in the clothing orb of Epic Wonders.
Isn't it a pretty little thing? I do love the wintertime – if you'd like to see my den celebrating the season, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my decorations. Meanwhile, I noticed some little decorations by AJHQ...

If you stop by the science lab hosted party you can spot a picture with some telltale signs. A fez, a bow tie, a suit, and a snazzy pair of converse. All on a cunning, curious little fox...
It seems we have a whovian in the ranks of AJHQ. As a nerdy fan of Doctor Who, I was much too excited about this discovery.
Still not a ginger though, poor raggedy man...
On the topic of references, I noticed a funny name option – "Pooky"?! Following a little hunch, I searched the second name segment options and found a possible, incredibly adorable, cartoon connection.
Pooky, a reference to Garfield's teddy bear and bestest friend? May be a bit of a headcannon I suppose, but whatever the reason, my lynx is quite happy to have his new little bear-aphant buddy.
Have you noticed any possible references to other fandoms and pop culture? Have any headcannons on how AJHQ came up with certain ideas and aspects of Jamaa? Kinda fun searching for them. ^-^

Also, I was curious...
If, hypothetically, a jammer was to be traveling to AJHQ in Salt Lake City, Utah in a few days, what would you like this hypothetical jammer to ask the lovely people of WildWorks? What should they take videos of?
Hypothetically of course.

P.S. New Diamond Shop plushie claw!

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