Saturday, January 16, 2016

Lodge, Pixilated, Glitched and Unreleased Items

Hey jammers! Snowyclaw here with a little Saturday post – apologies for missing the Friday, it's been a busy week! First off we have a few items in the Jam Mart Furniture shop. Perfect for the winter season!
 Pretty snazzy, no? Perfect for a little ski lodge den! What kinds of decorations do you like to use in your winter wonderland?

It seems like AJHQ has some exclusive little decorations to play with in their palace. What do you think of these pretty things?

I've always had a weakness for the nature element in dens (you could probably tell be my den's flower pool). Along the lines of items themes, there are also some elements in the palace that seem a bit off...
Kind of pixilated, no? It seems similar to some items already in stores, yet hasn't shown itself quite yet I believe. Perhaps AJHQ never got to the vectoring stage of the item design, and the Winter Palace creator liked it so much they put it in anyway. What do you think?
A cute little poofy monster rug can also be spotted! It's funny seeing a working rug, when the same was given to many jammers as a Jamaaliday gift. Why does it work in AJHQ's Winter Palace den, when not in a normal jammer's? What a strange difference...
Would you all like to see more about the unreleased items that can be spotted around Jamaa, or would you prefer to learn more about AJHQ's hidden pop culture references? Hmm...
Happy jamming!!

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