Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hockey Skates & Unreleased Items

Hey jammers! Tigerly here with a little Sunday post. Today's returning item adding to Jam Mart Furniture's winter stock is the Hockey Skates! 
Do any of you go skiing with your friends during the winter holidays? AJHQ (yes, the official AJHQ) now have an account! It's delightful to see headquarters socialize more to the community, don't you think?
They also have decorated a neat Winter Palace den - be sure to check it out! Speaking of dens, a new Winter Palace showroom is out!
 As usual revealing never seen before items! I'm in love with the fancy storage box (I'm silly enough to think the storage box is unreleased, it is in fact from Graham's Workshop) and winter box shelf. Do you like the idea of themed showrooms? I must say headquarters are experts at putting together a splendid den!
If you missed the chance to purchase the Beach Party and the Tropical Dance Outfit on Play Wild (AJ's mobile app) you can now! Happy jamming all.

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