Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ice Thrones & the Animal Jam Community in 2016

Hey jammers! Snowyclaw here, posting for the first time in a while. ^-^ I've been so very busy with school (and the holiday season, and healing up after getting my wisdom teeth removed), but I've missed the Animal Jam community so much. How has it been since I've been gone?
It seems today's new item is the Ice Thrones, returning from a yearlong hiatus to the Epic Wonders furniture orb. I'm thinking I might have to make a my winter den pretty soon... Any fun ideas and inspirations to incorporate? I'll be post my Jamaaliday den decorating soon!

Meanwhile, the lovely jammer Dancing Goofy Roo spotted an absolutely adorable loading screen for the main Animal Jam website...
Look at all those cuddly pets, daww, cuteness overload. AJHQ sure has some fantastic artists on staff! Have you spotted any fun new loading screens and ads? AJ seems to be every expanding.
Speaking of expanding, does anyone remember when AJHQ used to kick everyone off the game every night for an update? They've been constantly improving the workings of the game and now we can often get new items in stores without having to restart! However, somethings still go wrong, as this silly glitch sent in by arthurfunfan shows. Ever seen this crazy helter skelter glitch in stores before?
And finally we have the clearance item for the day! These are lovely trees for the den, be sure to grab a Banyan Tree before it disappears for a while. Now, real quick, before you go, I have a question!

As a kind of "Written Wednesday" topic, and a query brought up by a recent comment ( I do read many of your comments, ya know ;)
I was wondering:
Where do you want the Animal Jam community to be going in 2016? Where would you like AJS to go? YouTube to go? Instagram? The whole darn thing in general? What are some things we would/should/could do that would make the community a better place?

I can't wait to here your ideas, I'll see you in the comments below!

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