Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Moon Lamp, Sizeable Den Items & Play Wild's First Friendship Festival

Hey jammers! Today's item seems to be the returning Moon Lamp, coming to Jam Mart Furniture two days earlier than it did last year. Want to time travel back to that last cheesy fantastic post? Click here!
Meanwhile, over on Animal Jam's Play Wild app, the Friendship Festival is beginning! Pretty neat that it's showing up even before the celebration in the web version. Way to be on top of it Play Wild team!!

Be sure to stop by the Play Wild shop to see all the additions.
What kinds of items are you hoping to return to AJ this year?
Those Cupid Wings are pretty snazzy, doncha think? They'll be perfect for the upcoming Friendship Party! I wonder if that event has anything to do with the pink sparkly confetti that seems to be everywhere.
(preeeetyy suspicious if you ask me)
Want to do a huge trip back in time?
Wibbly wobbly timey wimey kind of stuff?
Lastly we have a funny glitch over in AJHQ's Winter Palace. When you click the Arctic Wolf Claw machine, a normal wolf machine pops up
(+ normal wolf presents). Thanks to all the jammers who sent this in!
I feel bad I didn't mention this little bug to AJHQ when I saw them...
Exploring the den I noticed how large this pet log cabin is.
(there are also many unreleased items, more on that later)

Recognize it? Wouldn't it be cool if AJHQ allowed jammers to use that kind of resize feature as well?  It would certainly be difficult to create on AJHQ's end... But what would you do with that hypothetical power?
And finally we have the Spring Flower Bracelet on it's last day.
Happy almost Friendship Festival! Happy jamming!

If you'd like to see any of my little pictures about visiting AJHQ in Salt Lake City, feel free to stop by my Instagram (ajsnowyclaw) or voice your curiosities below! I'll be revealing what I can reveal in some upcoming videos – just pictures of my visit and such.

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