Friday, January 22, 2016

How to Enter the Basement of Secrets – Hidden Animal Jam Room + Shop

Hey jammers, snowyclaw here! Today we have a follow up from yesterday's update. The most exciting of which...
A NEW SECRET ROOM??? WHAT?! Well, you'll just have to keep reading to find out more – lots of secrets in this post...

Today's new items are located in the Diamond Shop! The first is a continuation of the Minecraft series, the Pixelated Fox Head. Cute, derpy little thing, isn't it? Meanwhile we also have a seasonal guest...
What a pretty little thing! Who'd a thunk hearts fell from the sky. Certainly not me! Speaking of hearts though, here are some examples of this year's Special Delivery prizes.

Notice the slight color differences from last year's?
Last year's mailbox will be labeled "Rare" now, while the lava lamp will stay the same. Meanwhile, with regards to other items...
It seems AJHQ may have noticed what we said about the flowers the other day – one set is gone suddenly, and the others are on their way out. Very suspicious... *waves at invisible camera*

Now back to the good part!!

What you've all been waiting for, the Basement of Secrets.

The video helps explain how to enter this strange hidden room. While in it you can even find a hidden shop!! Click the pile on the right side and you will find some exclusive chamber items...
Of course it's a very silly, questioning shop, which is why I love it.
Let's hope AJHQ will add more ancient looking items in this snazzy old new shop. What do you think of this crazy addition to Jamaa's history??
What else does AJHQ have in store?
Happy jamming!

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