Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Jam-A-Gram Look, Polar Bears Return, and New Pet Armadillos Update

Hi jammers! Tigerly here with the latest Jamaa update - lot's of new stuff today! Firstly, one new feature which may go unnoticed, our JAG (Jam-a-Gram) system has been given a well deserved makeover wth new friendship cards!
Oh my! I must say AJHQ has outdone themselves here; the new system is pretty neat! You may also notice the new JAG look is similar to Play Wild, perhaps will see more changes this year?

"The only thing I would consider changing is allowing the use of arrow keys in the inbox – that would be super helpful if you wanted to scroll through your mail quickly! What do you think?" ~snowy
 Our favorite polar bears have returned to the Diamond Shop - I suggest saving your diamonds for the upcoming goat animal! Next up...
Pet Armadillos are out in the Diamond Shop for three diamonds as usual! Like many predicted: goats will soon be playing wild in Jamaa - I don't know about the design of the animal. What do you guys think?
My favorite part of the update: we can now vote for the next animal we'd like to see in Jamaa. Deffo looks like we will be getting better quality animals in the future! The ostrich and sloth look absolutely adorable! Only criticism is the falcon looks quite similar to eagles.
Moving swiftly on, Special Delivery is back for the Friendship Festival - last year there was so many wonderful items to collect!
"Plus they're coming in very snazzy new colors. The items from last year's adventure are now Rare (good job AJHQ making collectable rares for each season!)."  ~snowy~ Jamaa's Friendship Festival isn't complete without a party and armor, of course...
Take care and happy jamming! x

We also have a fun new winter clothing item to match the Snow Hat that was released yesterday. Snow Boots in Jam Mart Clothing!
Aww, they almost look like they have little dabs of frosting on them. ^-^ Meanwhile, fall is making an exit in Jam Mart Furniture.
Be sure to get this festive table before it disappears for the year. Perhaps a red one for all you Canadian jammers out there?
 There are also FOUR NEW ANIMAL SLOTS to be found – perfect for returning polar bears and upcoming goats.
 Now I must be off! Need to get me one of those cute Armadillo pets. Are you going to get one? Post a picture of yours in the comments below!
Happy jamming.

~ snowy ~

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