Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Keyboard Couch, Music Lamp, Pig Chair, and Travelling Horses?

Hey jammers! Make Music Day is fast approaching and in celebration new items are arriving at the Jam Session Party den shop. The Keyboard Couch and Music Lamp are now being sold!
While new items arrive at the Jam Session Party, over in Jam Mart Furniture we have the Pig Chair!
Surprising it looks like horses are beginning their travels in 9 days. If you haven't become a horse yet, hurry while you still have a chance!
Bit odd that AJHQ hasn't announced horses are going travelling in the Jamaa Journal, but whatever happens horses will definitely return later on. If you're low on gems and need to purchase a horse...
Animal Jam's classic Wind Rider is on x2 gems! Happy jamming!!

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