Friday, June 17, 2016

Pixel Place Den, Pixelated Items, and New Den Music

Hey jammers! Play Wild updated today adding an all-new den plus a new den and accessory set. Introducing the new den: Pixel Place!
I have to admit I'm not a big fan of the pixelated items on normal Animal Jam. I was hoping Play Wild would stay away from that type of stuff, but the Pixel Place den is still neat I guess.
Over in the Sapphire Shop we also have a pixelated accessory set.
And over in Jam Mart Furniture we have a pixel den item set.
Plus being sold in Jam Mart Furniture is the salon den set.
And we have new den music on sale at the Sapphire Shop.
You'd definitely want to save up your sapphires on Play Wild for new dens, items, and animals. Don't forget Animal Jam club members now receive a free sapphire daily on Play Wild!
What do you think of the latest Play Wild den? Happy jamming!!

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