Saturday, June 18, 2016

Spirit Artwork #34

The classroom is empty. The desk creaks as you lean against it, but otherwise only silence rings in your ears. In refreshing contrast to the clutter around the room, the board at the front of the room is blank, like your mind. Somehow a marker finds itself in your palm. You are drawn towards the glowing screen of white. Its purity is inconsistent with its surroundings; it must be desecrated. One mark, then another. The board is no longer a sterile white, its natural color obscured by various multicolored marks. Only then do you take a step back and observe your surroundings, which consist of various pieces of artwork strewn about the wall.

A submission by Taptothebeat. These are all very beautiful, and I love how you've included a variety of mediums. My favorite has to be the little owl sculpture.

Here we see a lovely piece by Allitila on Animal Jam. I am particularly fond of both the pose and the way you've included a thin white outline around Snowyclaw, which keeps her distinct from the background and contributes to the feeling of having moonlight falling on her.

This piece is by Applesun Warrior. I enjoy the epic poses; it's great that you can draw your characters facing in many different directions!

Spirit Artwork by Viridescentfuture
Here are two lovely sketches by viridescentfuture. I especially love how dynamic the feathers are in the first piece; you really get a sense of movement from this drawing.

Artwork by Happyholahoop! My favorite piece would have to be the Ice Wolf (the last one). The bright colors of the character contrast well with the more faded background colors.

Here is a lovely piece by Yvvoni. What a colorful character! It really gives off that candy vibe. The cherry on the tail tip is a nice touch.

A variety of sketches sent in by Silly Suds. My favorite is the first one; it's so elegant.

This cute little piece of fanart is by ℬℓʊεStarsÅʝ. Your lineless style really pops!

This lineart by PopsicleGT Animal Jam has such a distinct style. There is a geometric and boxy feel to it.

These works were done by lucykate651. I always enjoy how smooth and confident your linework is, and that animation is too cute!

This wolf was sent in by Cheetah87516 on Animal Jam. I love how you've used a dark background to contrast with your character.

Here is a cute drawing by Galacticpotatoes. I love the angular style on your first drawing; it seems like something you'd see in a modern cartoon.

This lovely bunch of pieces is by Hoppybunny. Your artwork has a distinct atmosphere, and I LOVE the pose on the first one.

We end with a piece by Kelly the Apple Lover. It's very cute! I love how you did the curtains.

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