Saturday, June 4, 2016

Unreleased Item Toy Codes Lion's Mane, Police Chief Hat, Elegant Butterfly Wings

Hey jammers! Before we get to the exciting new items we have the most recent items found around Jamaa. AJHQ has brought back the Soccer Ball Mask – if you want to be a soccer ball, now's your chance!
I like the cute little ways Animal Jam integrates animal aspects into human-type items. Also love purely plant type items too, though!

Anywho, now for the exciting part! Stores like Walmart are finally seeing the introduction of Animal Jam's newest toy line.
This initial release appears to include small collectable pets (about 96 types, I believe), stuffed animals (4 different kinds), figurine sets, and den playsets! With each of these items comes a special code which, when redeemed, gives you a reward on Animal Jam!

While the collectable pets give you only 500 gems, the other toys reward you with random, exclusive, in-game items. Stuffed animals will give you a rare plushie (normal sized) to be used in your den...
And the collectable animal figurines give you a clothing item for your animal. Some of the redeemable rewards include Lion Mane, Police Chief Hat, Elegant Butterfly Wings, and Enchanted Fairy Wings.
 Be careful trading for these items, their rarity is likely to fluctuate highly in the coming months. Be sure to stop by AJHQ's instagram page for a chance to win their toy contest – prizes include a cute little pet toy sent directly to you!! Click here to visit the page.
All items appear to be interesting renditions of past items, and all land animal items. Which ones do you like the most?
I have a feeling with these being clothing items we'll see an even larger popularity than that seen with sidekix plushies. Only time will tell though! Be sure to watch the video below for more information on upcoming (and predicted) releases of game merchandise.
The pictures included in this post are from my friend, WootMoo's, video and unboxing. Be sure to click here to check it out! Hopefully I'll be receiving a few items of my own soon, watch for videos.
Hope to see you in Jamaa, happy jamming!

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