Sunday, June 26, 2016

Pixelated Items, Spikes Departing, and Membership Sale

Hey jammers! Firstly before we get to the recent new items in Jamaa's stores, the limited edition Spiked Collars and Spiked Wristbands are departing from the diamond shop tomorrow.
Over in Jam Mart Furniture, we have three new pixelated items: the Pixelated House Plant, Pixelated Bush, and Pixelated Tree. I hope AJHQ moves away from rolling out pixelated items soon.
If you'd like to become a member to grab the limited Spiked Collars and Spiked Wristbands this weekend, today is your perfect chance because there is a membership sale happening!
And don't forget to pick up an AJ retail gift card to unlock a pet hippo plus three items while you still can. Happy jamming!!

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