Friday, June 10, 2016

Pig Fence, Ottoman, Sofa, and Otter Claw

Hey jammers! In celebration of pigs calling Jamaa home, there is a neat pig den set collection on sale at Jam Mart Furniture. 
Perhaps we will see more animal themed den sets in the future? I'm delighted AJHQ have pleased non-members with the pig. Also being sold in the diamond shop we have The Otter Claw.

Be sure to also check out Jammer Central to watch the latest Play Wild animation clip ''Horsing Around'' featuring the horses of Jamaa. 
A very beautifully detailed 3D animation - love it! My only criticism with yesterday's biweekly update is there is no pig animation video, on the plus side, you can watch a new Wild Explorers episode!

What's your favourite pig fact? Lovely work Cami. Happy jamming!!

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