Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pigs, Paint Studio Shop, and Bunnies Only Party

Hey jammers! After weeks of waiting impatiently pigs have finally called Jamaa home, surprising these cute critters are available at the diamond shop for all players!
Yes, that's right, every jammer can purchase a pig for five diamonds at the diamond shop. So lovely to see AJHQ adding an animal for all!
As always AJHQ has added a new pig minibook at Chamber of Knowledge. Have a read to find out tons of fun facts about pigs and complete the quiz to earn a pig trophy for your den!
Next up, we have a new shop located inside Peck's Paint Studio selling items from Jam Mart Furniture's paint studio den set which was available last year. More items to come I suppose!
If you're a member on Animal Jam you can now collect a free sapphire every day on Play Wild! And it looks like we will see the return of the Bunnies Only Party plus the Beach House is on a half price sale.
AJHQ has also added new settings to the painting feature - now you can save and upload your paintings! 
It looks like we will see more den portrait frames also arrive, you can now use the stone den portrait frame for your masterpieces. What type of frame would you like to see next?
That's it for this week's update, happy jamming!!

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