Saturday, June 18, 2016

Music and Pig Items

Hey jammers! We have more items arriving at the Jam Session party in celebration of Make Music Day. The Quarter Note Chair, Piano Planter, and Drum Flower Planter are now being sold!
I have to admit I dislike these items, feels like AJHQ's artists are running out of ideas. Over in Jam Mart Furniture we have new pig items: Pig Table, Pig Balloons, and Pig TV.
The first set of pig items were absolutely lovely, now the den set is getting a little creepy. While surfing the web I came across a news article about Animal Jam's toys launching in the UK next month.
Licensing Biz's article revealed two new animal plushies: the loopy racoon and posh panda! So cute!! I also discovered this beautiful background of Jamaa's oceans.
I absolutely love how AJHQ include pets in most of their artwork - makes the artwork extra cute! Perhaps this is a sign that we will see new ocean features? I hope so! Happy jamming. 

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