Sunday, June 19, 2016

Toy Code Item Prizes – Light Up Rings, Posh Berets, and Peacock Tails

Hey jammers! Snowyclaw here with a little Sunday update of what's going on around Jamaa – apologies for the lateness, sleep seemed to catch up with me. First of, today's new item is the Award Podium, for sale in the Jam Mart Furniture! Complete with lights, flag, and awards!

Perfect for hosting contests in your den! In other news, there are more and more "unreleased" items coming into Jamaa due to the introduction of Animal Jam's new toy line. Each toy gives you a special item!

The lovely FoxBoots allowed me to take pictures of her ring collection. Click here to watch her unboxing! These animated items come with the animal figure + light up ring sets, offered in select Walmart stores.
The green "Light Up Paw Ring" is given with the Lynx toy.
Blue "Light Up Flower Ring" with the Panda toy.
Pink "Light Up Horseshoe Ring" with the Horse toy.
And the final one, purple "Light Up Swirl Ring" with the Tiger.
Some other snazzy new items being awarded with codes are this Posh-Beret-type thing (left) and the fancy new Peacock Tail. Which ones would you like to collect most?

Over in the art studio jammers are seeing this error... #6338... whenever the file type isn't recognized by the art studio. This is happening to some jammers even when the file is the correct format...
 Have you guys been getting this error as well? In other news, Egyptian themed items are on their way out of stores.
And the adorable ol' Snow Leopard is on sale in the Diamond Shop!
That's about it for now. Be sure to stop by my den for a fun little art museum I'm starting. First portal to the left! I'll probably wandering through there today. Hope to see you there!

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