Monday, June 13, 2016

Rare Candle Hat, Pig Lamp, and Summer Tunnel Town Bunnies

Hey jammers! This week's RIM is the Rare Candle Hat located on the sixth page of Jam Mart Clothing for today only!
And over at Jam Mart Furniture we have the Pig Lamp being sold in a variety of different colours.

I'm in love with the pig den item set, lovely job AJHQ!! Tunnel Town (AJ's spin-off app) recently updated with new summer bunnies available at McFluffin's Market. 
Looks like we will be seeing completely new bunnies arrive throughout this year.  In celebration of pigs arriving in Jamaa there is a pig fashion diamond contest happening on the Daily Explorer!
Five diamonds up for grabs - you still have time to submit your outfits at Jammer Central. Lastly over in the diamond shop we have two new items: the Lynx Pixelated Head and returning Dragon Glove!
Happy jamming!!

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