Friday, February 5, 2016

Fashion Friday #19: NM Frigid Fads!

Ciao, jammers! Welcome back to Fashion Friday! We're kicking off February with an exclusively non-member episode! Woohoo!

But. . . wait a second.

Nearly ALL winter items are member only! Ahh! Looks like this is going to be a challenge.

Let's start off with a cute, velvety bunny look!

This bunny is wearing the Old Hood and a red Ribbon Scarf. Ribbon Scarfs (Scarves? Scarfes??) come in such a wide variety of colors that they can easily tie together any outfit. The Old Hood is a common item, but is not used in many outfits because of its bulkiness. Miss Quietbunny over here has got a crimson base color, and a darker crimson secondary color. The pattern is swirls, and a shade of yellow that complements the Old Hood.

Next, a chilly blue seal!
This seal has got a white base coat, blue secondary, and a pattern of blue moons.
 You don't see that often!
 Get it? Once in a blue moon? Eh? Eeeeh?
Nothing? Ok, moving on. This seal is wearing just two items, the (once again) Ribbon Scarf, and the Fox Hat! Fox Hats are coveted items, especially with non-members. If you do get your paws on one, wear it! It's a beautiful item that you can build whole outfits around.

Anyway, that's it for this week's Fashion Friday! Next week's theme is: Friendship! Show your Festival spirit by submitting your outfits to!

See ya!

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