Thursday, February 18, 2016

Goats Arrive, International Polar Bear Day, Leap Year Announcement, and More

Hi jammers! Tigerly here - goats have officially called Jamaa home!! Purchase the new goat animal from the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds. These adorable animals also come with an optional goat horn on sale in Jam Mart Clothing!
I have to admit I'm not a lover of the goat animal; the design is okay, the animations look cute, but overall the goat is another small animal which looks slightly derpy with the big head. Next up, Leap Year Party announcement! 
The Leap Year Party will be here soon - always a traditional favorite in Jamaa! What rares do you think will be on sale at the party? Perhaps returning rare items from the past? I hope the rares aren't just recolored items. Keep an eye out for the party!
Join the International Polar Bear Day celebrations  - there are several new banners across Jamaa and a special Polar Bear Hat is on sale in the Conversation Museum. Do you have a particular favorite fact about polar bears?
On the next page of the Jamaa Journal, we have an announcement on otters returning and a new goat minibook can be found in the Chamber of Knowlege. Otters will most likely return in the next update, in two weeks time!
All jammers can read animal minibooks from the Chamber of Knowledge - including the latest goat addition. What's your favorite animal minibook?
The results for the alpha hearthstone contest has been announced: falcons are officially coming to Jamaa within the next few weeks. Good job AJHQ - I love how you've brought back alpha heartstones!
I'm certain falcons will be an eagle copy, which is a bit of a disappointment as the majority of Animal Jam players pay real money for membership. Moving on to the next page, we have a reminder. 
Honestly don't see the point in the chat filter change; our old chat filter was perfectly fine even though it had a few issues. Not really a success. The Lucky Party will soon be here - are you pumped for springtime in Jamaa?
AJHQ have also added new pet slots! 
A surprising update which may go unnoticed: we have new and returning JAGs (Jam-A-Grams). It seems AJHQ decided to return the cartoon JAGs which were removed in 2014. Perhaps a glitch? 
Today's new item is the Tiger Paw Chair on sale in Jam Mart Furniture! As you can gather from my username, I absolutely love this item!! I'm loving the animal themed items AJHQ are rolling out.
Over in Jam Mart Clothing, we have the Goat Horns for your new goat animal or any animal! What color do you prefer? 
In celebration of International Polar Bear Day, a new Polar Bear Hat is now on sale in the Conversation Museum shop for all jammers!
Finally, we have new music in the Diamond Shop!
Happy jamming. 

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