Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Heart Chair, Three Heart Rug and Play Wild Updates

Hi jammers! Tigerly here - we have two new Friendship Festival items plus Play Wild updates. Introducing the Heart Chair; first seen in the Friendship Party and Special Delivery adventure!
Also in Jam Mart Clothing, we have the Three Heart Rug. Good job AJHQ with the recent heart shaped items - lot's of new decorations this year!
Play Wild has been updated with some exciting updates - the feature of the update is the all new land, the Appondale, similar to Animal Jam's website version. 
The Conversation Museum and possible Pet Shop are coming soon. Perhaps the areas will be similar to the website versions and have the same features? Hopefully pets come to Play Wild in the near future. 
Inside the Appondale, there is also a secret fox area! Thank you to the lovely snowyclaw for the below images. 
What do you think of these secret animal areas? Fox owners can also purchase this neat Stone Fox Statue inside the area.
To keep up with the Friendship Festival on Animal Jam, Play Wild has released a fun new game for everyone to play - sort all the friendship items out in the correct mailbags to earn gems!
And there are two new in-app purchases - the beautiful Princess Castle and Super Claw Machine, both come with extra gems. 
You can ''play wild'' on your mobile or tablet by downloading AJ - Play Wild for free on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices! 
Take care and happy jamming. xo

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