Saturday, February 13, 2016

Rose Tiara Returns, Rainbow Heart Eye Patch Glitch & Selfie Contest

Hey jammers! Apologies for the late post, fell asleep early last night – it's been a long week! This weekend is off to a good start though, with the return of the adorable Rose Tiara in Jam Mart Clothing.
These are my favorite kinds of items in Jamaa – nature inspiration with an Animal Jam style. Before we talk about the spooky heart glitch in Play Wild though, lets welcome back the Heart Welcome Mat!

I always wonder if this item would get chocolate on your paws... But since your den is already quite sweet I don't think it would mind to much. ;) Anywho, on to the strange Heart Eye Patch color glitch!
I've found that the color aspect of Heart Eye Patches on foxes won't change, even when you switch colors...
More likely to match the shadow of your animal than the actual color!
Depending on where you are located in the app the color of the eye patch will change. Each of these is the same blue eye patch...
I wonder if it's just catching and reflecting the light of all these locations. Creates a pretty neat effect though, hehe. What color will it be next?
In the fox party there is even a little face... Sppoooky. o,o Be sure to try out the glitch before AJHQ patches the pretty thing!
Meanwhile, over on the Daily Explorer, there is a Friendship Festival snapshot contest Take some selfies with friends! Click here to learn how to enter.
And finally I leave you with today's clearance item.
Be sure to grab one before it disappears from stores!!
Happy jamming.

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