Monday, February 29, 2016

Horses Gallop To Play Wild

Hey jammers! Play Wild today updated with some exciting updates: adding horses and an all-new currency with other new stuff! Firstly, the gorgeous horses are now playing wild on mobile. 
The Majestic Horse is available from the brand new Sapphire Shop (similar to Animal Jam's Diamond Shop) for 150 sapphires.
You can purchase sapphire and gem animals directly from the Sapphire Shop - including all animals that previously were on sale for real money. Isn't the horse a beauty? The shop is located at Jamaa Township!
You can also purchase dens from the Sapphire Shop - the new Pegasus Palace was also added in this update! 
Not just dens, but also, items are on sale in the shop! The fox and tiger temple bundle items were previously on sale for real money.
Next up in the shop, we have armor items!
You can also exchange your sapphires for gems! Just like the Diamond Shop on Animal Jam.
Running low on sapphires? You can top up directly from the Premium Shop - plus be sure to login daily and complete your daily treasure chests to earn more sapphires!
In celebration of the horses arriving on mobile, Animal Jam's favorite classic Jamaa Derby finally makes its debut on Play Wild!
 Play Wild's den and clothing items are quite pricey; you'd definitely want to play mini-games to earn gems! All jammers can now read the interactive animal minibooks located at the Chamber of Knowledge!
A new horses minibook is also available to read featuring beautiful illustrations and fun facts. Happy jamming!

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