Friday, February 12, 2016

Heart-Shaped Backpack, Broken Heart Rug, and Play Wild Pigtails

Hi jammers! Tigerly here - apologies for the lateness. Today's new item is the cute Heart-Shaped Backpack on sale in Jam Mart Clothing for the Friendship Festival!
The Broken Heart Rug is also now on sale in Jam Mart Furniture, first spotted in the Special Delivery adventure and Friendship Party!
A broken heart during a festival that promotes happiness and love? Surely not? Anyway, the rug is perfect for decorating a Friendship Cottage available from the Diamond Shop for seven diamonds!
Our pal Cami is back with a pawsome new Wild Explorers episode - be sure to have a watch! You can also check out other Wild Explorer clips on Animal Jam's Youtube channel, fantastic for family fun!
Have you popped into Jam Mart Clothing on Play Wild yet? A popular Animal Jam rare has just arrived in stores: the pigtail! Be sure to download the app for free on iPad and Andriod devices. I'm in love with Play Wild's version, how about yourself? 
AJHQ's support team are back with a Jammer Tip on the Daily Explorer - if you ever experience issues when redeeming a membership retail gift card, this post will definitely help hopefully. Happy jamming!

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