Saturday, February 6, 2016

Rare Giant Jester Hat and Animal Jam Growth

Hi jammers! Tigerly here - today we have a special carnival rare and exciting news on Animal Jam's growth! For one day only, be sure to head to the fairground to purchase the Rare Giant Jester Hat at the clothing stand.
The carnival is only back for two weeks, so enjoy it while you can! Did you happen to know Animal Jam was recently named the fastest growing gaming site in the US?
Congratulations to the hardworking AJHQ! With more than 50 million worldwide jammers, Animal Jam is the leading gaming site in the US. Isn't it exciting to see our precious land of Jamaa grow?
Play Wild (AJ's app) has also seen fantastic growth - the app has a whopping one million downloads and is the top educational app in 54 countries! I'm excited to see the Animal Jam toy line and accessories launch this year.
Over on the Daily Explorer, there is a friendship comic diamond challenge going on for the Friendship Festival. If you're a keen comic drawer and love making comics, have a go for a chance to win five diamonds. 
Perhaps will come in handy for saving up for the upcoming goat animal? 
Happy jamming!

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