Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Spirit Stories - Blaze Part 2

Hey jammers! I'm posting this story the night before I usually do (or maybe early on Thursday, 
if you are in a different time zone) because I won't get on my computer until later. This is a li'l (or not) introduction to Ravendil! 

Next story, I plan to have shorter segments detailing both Ravendil and Shadow/Ruby's adventures :3 Here we go!

Ravendil stared at the chalkboard covered in diagrams, her eyes glazed over. The endless drone of her professor buzzed like a wasp in her ears. She’d been absentmindedly doodling on her worksheet, already filled with quickly-scrawled answers. Looking down, she saw she’d drawn a fiery pattern that seemed to leap off of the page.

Ravendil dragged her attention back to the teacher, hoping beyond hope that the class had almost finished the worksheet. Her heart sunk when she looked up: they were only halfway through.

“And, according to Grimala, what are the ingredients for the essence of thought?”

Stripes of a zebra, heart of reed, and speed of a cat combined with feather of bird.
“Anyone?” The class stared blankly back at him.

Come on, Rav, she told herself. Just raise your hand.

Ravendil’s hand twitched, lifted slightly off of her paper, then lowered again.

The professor sighed. “Stripes of a zebra, heart of reed, and speed of a cat combined with feather of bird. You really ought to know that by now.”

Ravendil slumped lower in her seat. The professor must think my skull is empty! I don't think I've ever said anything during his classes.
I’m just shy.

If only I were brave enough to ask to work ahead.
*             *             *

Ravendil hopped down the well-used pathway towards her dorm. She paused, breathing in the lush, fresh smell of the nature surrounding her. She could hear birds singing in the trees around her.

A sharp laugh pierced the serenity of the walk. Ravendil jerked her head around too quickly and clenched her teeth. After the pain had subsided, she saw two wolves and a fox hunched over something. She recognized them as the bullies of the class, although she didn’t know their names. Peering closer, she saw a tiny mouse, struggling to get away but pinned beneath the fox’s paws. They were grinning with malice in their eyes.

“Stop!” Ravendil shrieked, horror on her face. She raced up to them and quickly pushed the fox off before scooping the trembling mouse into her paws. Suddenly, she realized what she had done and turned slowly to face the other animals, terrified. “P-pick on someone your own size!”

They laughed. “Oh, it’s Big-ears,” jeered one of the wolves.

“I’ve heard that she’s such a nerd that her brains spilled into her ears and stretched them out,” taunted another.

That doesn’t even make sense, Ravendil would have said if she weren’t so frightened. Breathing deeply, she side-stepped them and walked away, ignoring the insults yelled in her wake.  When she was far enough away, she stooped down and let the mouse down in a bush.  He turned, and almost seemed to smile at her, before scampering away.

*             *             *

Ravendil sat, thinking deeply in her dorm. She thought about her classes, the ones she was too advanced for but didn’t know how to ask for help. She thought of the bullies, how thrilling it had felt to do something different, not be shy.

Ravendil flipped through her books, feeling the same excitement she always did when she read them.

I want to have an adventure, like in my books.

Staying up late into the night, Ravendil formulated her plan.

Hehe, I hope you enjoyed!  Let's see where Ravendil's plan will take her 
*Mission Impossible music*
*Go the Distance*
See you in Jamaa!

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