Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Octopus Table, Customizable Black Light Animal Jam Toys & Pet Figurines

Hey jammers! Apologies for a late post, my teachers has decided now would be a good time to give midterms. ^-^' How often do you visit Jamaa on school days? Anywho, on with the daily AJ news!!
Over at the Jam Mart Furniture we have a the brand new Octopus Table. I'm surprised this isn't an underwater item, but I'm glad. An octopus butler would be a fantastic thing, doncha think?

In other news, Clark Stacey is posting more toy previews on his Instagram. They even have special hidden markings...

Ahaha, what an interesting combination of color – and that adorable little hat!! What animal figurine are you looking forward to most?
Plus we even have pets!! Removable items too? That's a lot of little parts. I wonder if one could purchase little clothing boxes to store all these.
Oh goodness, I think I've caught the collecting bug.
Me want, hehe.
Also, over in the underwater clothing shop, we have the Heart Trident! It returns for only a short time, so be sure to purchase your favorite color.
Aww, look at all these adorable friendship art pieces.
How is your Friendship Festival?
Happy jamming.

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