Sunday, February 14, 2016

Heart T-Shirt, Jewelry Box, and Animal Jam Figurines Sneak Preview

Hi jammers! Tigerly here - happy friendship day! Today's new item is the Heart T-Shirt on sale in Jam Mart Clothing.
Our second new item today is the beautiful Heart Jewelry Box on sale in Jam Mart Furniture - perhaps some shiny objects are hiding inside the box? 
Lot's of heart shaped items have released during this year's Friendship Festival - do you happen to have a favorite? Animal Jam's CEO Clark Stacey on Instagram has an exciting announcement plus sneak preview of more Animal Jam figurines!
Aren't they adorable? These little animal figures will be on sale around the world soon; if you're a British jammer like me, you will definitely be happy to know most toys will be available in England, not just America!  I'm excited to see our little land of Jamaa grow into the toy industry. 
Lot's of items on Play Wild are making an escape in the next few days - be sure to download the app for free on iPad and Android devices and pop into the Jam Mart stores before they're gone!
On AJ's Daily Explorer we have a new activity: be sure to download the downloadable sheet and check out the post if you want to have a go and at making paper marbles. Perfect for family fun! Happy jamming.

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