Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tattered Scarf, Giant Owl Plushie, and Unreleased Items

Hey jammers! Tig here posting for the lovely Glowy. Today's new item is the Tattered Scarf on sale in Shiveer Shoppe!
A perfect combo for the Old Winter Boots, don't you think? AJHQ recently updated the Epic Den showroom - be sure to check out Cosmo's (the koala alpha) beautiful den!
As usual revealing more unreleased items! Don't you just love the idea of alpha showrooms? Maybe we will see more alpha dens in the near future! I'd love to have a look in Liza's den.
 Only a two items this time, but I'm still excited to see the release of the above items, especially the leaf rug. Over in the Diamond Shop, we have the Giant Owl Plushie!
Happy jamming!

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