Saturday, February 27, 2016

Lucky Tea Set, WildWorks' Polar Bear Donation, and Play Wild Den Contest

Hey jammers! Tigerly here - today's new item is the Lucky Tea Set on sale in Jam Mart Furniture!
Perfect decoration for a Lucky Day den - did I mention the cute tea set is for all jammers? The weekend kicks off as usual with a diamond contest over on The Daily Explorer!
If you'd love to have a chance of winning five diamonds, be sure to take a snapshot of your decorated Play Wild den and submit it through Jammer Central on Animal Jam. My favorite den on Play Wild has to be the Treehouse - what about you?
Today is also National Polar Bear Day - a special day where people across the world raise awareness for polar bears. Perhaps we can help raise awareness in Jamaa by becoming a polar bear? 
WildWorks (AJHQ) have donated $10,000 to Polar Bears International - how wonderful is that? You can get involved by donating a portion of your gems at the Conversation Museum! Happy jamming.

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