Thursday, February 11, 2016

Heart Earmuffs, Friendship Animal Cards, and Tunnel Town Cupid Bunny Update

Hi jammers! Tigerly here - today's returning item is the Heart Earmuffs on sale in Jam Mart Clothing for the Friendship Festival.
If you'd like to send your friends a friendship card this season, be sure to download the free card printable from AJ's Daily Explorer! 
Click here to download for yourself - they're absolutely adorable! Have you visited Play Wild's Friendship Party yet? Inside the beautiful princess castle party, there are new items on sale for all jammers.
Ohh, I love the delicious Friendship Feast Table! Play Wild items are a little pricey - you'd definitely want to play mini-games to earn gems. Next up, Tunnel Town news!
Celebrate Chinese New Year and the Friendship Festival with Tunnel Town - AJ's spin-off app. Check out all the updates by downloading Tunnel Town for free on iPad and Andriod devices. 
Pink Crystals are joining the line-up of returning friendship items, on sale in Jam Mart Furniture! Happy jamming.

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