Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Daffodils and Lucky Party 2016

Hey jammers! Today's returning item is the Daffodil Bouquet (for members) and Daffodil (for all jammers) on sale in Treetop Gardens!
 Perfect decoration for a Springtime den. A non-member version of the beautiful Daffodil is also on sale.
The Lucky Party is back - selling lucky decorations! 
Inside the party, there are a bunch of lovely clover items on sale, including the Golden Horseshoes which were first spotted in the Fantasy Castle showroom!
Everyone's favorite Happy-Go-Lucky den music is also on sale at the Lucky Music Shop!
The party is pretty much the same as previous years with new decorations - some in which haven't been released yet. Can you spot the leprechaun hat candle and clover cookies?
While you enjoy the Lucky Party, be sure to pop into the Leap Year Party before its over! The party is extra special as it only returns every four years with different items.
Over on Play Wild we have a bunch of new items coming in - be sure to purchase the Leap Year frog items before they're gone!
Have a wonderful time at the Lucky Day Party and happy jamming!

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