Thursday, March 10, 2016

Lucky Bracelet, Potted Clovers Decoration, and Play Page Icon Update

Hey jammers! Today we have two returning Lucky Day items from last year, firstly the Clover Bracelet returns to Jam Mart Clothing.
The bracelet, blanket, and tie can make a pawsome outfit for the lucky celebrations! Over in Jam Mart Furniture, the Potted Clovers returns, originally sold at the Lucky Party in previous years.
Always such a perfect decoration for nature dens - especially with the clover bench and fountain! When I signed in today I instantly spotted something different on the play page.
The Animal Jam online shop icon has been updated with a fresh new look. Sometimes it takes jammers time to adjust to change, but this is only a minor change which you may not even notice!
To finish up today's post here is a flashback to an ocean background from 2014's Lucky Day festival. Keep spreading the lucky spirit and happy jamming! 

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