Thursday, March 17, 2016

Clover Top Hat & Jamaa's Starry Night Art Parody

Hey jammers! Snowyclaw here – apologies for the missing posts this week, it's a busy time. Today's new item appears to be the snazzy ol' Clover Top Hat, available in the Jam Mart Clothing shop.
It's neat to follow the evolution of the Top Hat throughout Jamaa's history. There are seasonal recolorations, "Rare" tags,  and even re-shapes like this one. Wacky to see such changes, yes?

Another few classics have returned to shops, the Clover Rug in Jam Mart Furniture and the Emerald Ring in  Epic Wonders.
What speaking of the classics, I stopped by the Daily Explorer and saw this gorgeous compilation of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night parodies made by some creative jammer artists. All those colors...
What other famous works of arts would be fun to animal-jam-ize?? I'm thinking a recreation of the Mona Lisa is in order...
Where are all my AJ artsits at? ^-^
Happy jamming!!

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