Thursday, March 3, 2016

Otters Return, Lucky Castle Den, Pet Skunks, Clover Adventure, and More

Hey jammers! Tigerly here - today we have a delightful lucky update! Jamaa's most loved animal has finally returned from their travels, the otters return to the Diamond Shop!
Be sure to check out the otter book at the Chamber of Knowledge! In celebration of otters returning, visit the Conservation Museum to check out the Life At Sea exhibit. 
Next up, we have a gorgeous Lucky Castle den for the St. Patrick's Day festivities! It appears AJHQ have listened closely to jammer feedback; we wanted smaller dens and we got one here.
You can purchase the mystical Lucky Castle den from the Diamond Shop for five diamonds - the den includes a rainbow slide, plenty of decorating space, and is beautifully detailed. Lovely work, AJHQ!
Lucky Castle illustration from AJHQ's Daily Explorer blog.
Pet Skunks have also come to Jamaa - these adorable new pets are available from the Diamond Shop!
The Lucky Clovers adventure is back from last year for all jammers! Will you be lucky enough to earn a rare spike collar or wristband? Have a go at this fun thrilled adventure from the party menu to find out! 
The adventure also rewards a ton of beautiful den items which are perfect for decorating a Lucky Day seasonal den. Pi Day items are also returning from last year!
Be sure to pop into Jam Mart Furniture on March 14th to purchase the special Pi Day items which will only be on sale for a few days until next year. Moving onto the next part of the Jamaa Journal, there is news regarding Play Wild's recent update.
Download the app for free from the iPad and Andriod app store to play wild with the majestic horse! The rhinos of Jamaa have decided to take time away from Jamaa and travel once again.
Perhaps the rhinos will return later this year with a rhino minibook? Become a rhino while you still can! AJHQ are busy with more changes, this time, the World Map border has had a slight color change. 
Not only has the world map had an update, our JAG (Jam-a-Gram) system has also had a slight color change too.
We may see even more interface changes throughout this year. Winter has now ended which means Jamaa Township has changed its season with Lucky Day decorations!
With a season change comes four returning Springtime loading screens.
Elsewhere, all items sold at the Leap Year Party 2016 now have a rare tag in our inventories! This makes these items extra rare because it's possible they may never return again.
Jamaa's Leap Year Party will return in 2020, how crazy is that? To finish up today's update, the Clover Pinwheel returns to Treetop Gardens in a variety of colors. 
Happy jamming!

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