Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Flower Welcome Mat, Venus Flytrap TRAP & Lucky Clover Adventure Cheat

Hey jammers! Welcome to a silly little late post about the current going-ons in the crazy world of Jamaa. Snowyclaw here in a sleep deprived state, bringing you some super snazzy spring themed items...
We haven't had a new welcome mat in a while, this one is pretty cute! Meanwhile, over in the Epic Wonders furniture orb we have another plant-centric item. I suppose cute might not be the word for some...

Oh my goodness.. If this was truly a flytrap of that size, it could definitely eat our animal characters. A scary thought!!
Trivia Tuesday
Did you know that Charles Darwin really liked Venus Flytraps?
He once said... "The Venus Flytrap is the most wonderful plant in the world" (1875). These neat little plants secrete sweet-smelling nectar (and a fluorescent blue glow) from their leaves to attract invertebrates into their "mouths," but have also been known to snap up little frogs!

Sciency people may think of this when they think Venus Flytrap, but those taken to scary plays when they were little will just think ... "FEEEEEED MEEEEEEE"
Scarrryyy, I was definitely spooked by "Little Shop of Horrors" as a kid. Man-eating plants? Nopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenope....
Back to more pleasant plants, the Season Tree den items are now in bloom! If you'd like to see some feel free to stop by my den, there are lots of high-selfie-potential areas for your picture taking pleasure.
Last subject of the day, we have an update to the Lucky Clover Adventure!! Now you only need two jammers to raise the clover ladder / open closed flowers in the clover collection extravaganza. 
The clover season is truly coming to a close though, so be sure to purchase all the items you'd like to use between now and next year – you never know what will return and what won't.
Anywho, off I must go, school calls!
Happy jamming.

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