Sunday, March 13, 2016

Play Wild Lucky Day Festival

Hey jammers! Play Wild had a mini-update yesterday adding a Lucky Day party and astronaut suit set. Firstly, the front cover of the Jamaa Journal informs us the lucky festivities are beginning.
Loving the Springtime rainbow cover image - I'd assume the season and loading screen would change in this update? Anywho, over in the Sapphire Shop we have a new astronaut outfit set!

According to the Jamaa Journal when you dress up your animal in the full outfit you can perform a special move! I absolutely love the special actions you can perform with these type of items. Next up, we have the Lucky Day party!
If you love the Lucky Party on Animal Jam you'll certainly enjoy the party in gorgeous 3D! Inside the party, there are clothing items on sale.
And not forgetting den items...
That wraps up the latest Play Wild update. Tomorrow is Pi Day worldwide; perhaps we will see Animal Jam's traditional Pi Day items come to Play Wild? Enjoy the Lucky Day festival and happy jamming!!

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