Saturday, March 5, 2016

Leprechaun Hat, Clover Fountain, Coloring In, and Daily Spin Gift Update

Hey jammers! Today's returning item is the classic Leprechaun Hat on sale in Jam Mart Clothing!
There is another returning item being sold in Jam Mart Furniture, the Clover Fountain!
Perfect for decorating the new Lucky Castle den, don't you think? If you love coloring in today is your lucky day because there are new Lucky Day coloring pages available to download.
Just click here to download these adorable coloring pages - the raccoon coloring page is my favorite! AJHQ has given the Daily Spin a wonderful update.
Instead of receiving store items from the Daily Spin all jammers can now collect past Rare Item Mondays - items that were previously on sale for one day only.

What rares have you collected from the Daily Spin so far? If you dislike an item you can always keep it and recycle for gems later on.
The weekend kicks off with a diamond contest over on AJHQ's Daily Explorer - be sure submit a report about your favorite AJ Academy activity for a chance to earn five diamonds. 
Happy jamming!

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