Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spirit Stories : Blaze
Part 2 – #4

Hey jammers! Here is the next SS update ^-^   Be sure to let me know what you think: longer?  Shorter?  Any suggestions at all?
Here's a little glimpse back into Ravendil's big plan...

Ravendil blinked open her charcoal eyes to the dim room. Yawning, she shifted a bit and cringed as she heard the countless bumps and bangs of something falling. Looking down, she sighed as she saw a haphazard pile of books on the floor that had just tumbled off of her bed.

It was then Ravendil remembered her plan.

Am I really doing this? Ravendil had been up most of the night reading and researching, planning her escape. What if I fail? Or don’t find adventure? Will I ever get back into school? She thought as she leaned over the edge of her bed, stretching her paws to grasp the books.

And promptly flopped onto the pile.

Ravendil moaned as she crawled away from the books. She collapsed onto her back, wanting to sob her eyes out until she couldn’t see anything.

She always was an emotional one.

I am doing this.

Ravendil forced herself to stand. This is my chance to be brave.

Walking over to her chest, Ravendil pulled out an orange messenger bag, perfect for packing a few small necessities. She didn’t want to be weighed down.

Ravendil looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a purple T-shirt that complimented her bright blue fur well. She shrugged. She didn’t really need anything else. So what if her shirt got muddy, or if she spilled food on it. She was going on an adventure, right?

Ravendil turned around, pondering. What else did she need? She wasn’t sure what she was even setting out to do, besides running away from school and being a total failure and-

Ravendil made herself stop there. It’s not like she was doing any good at school.

Finally, Ravendil decided on a couple of books to bring, one mythological and one fantasy novel she was reading.

“That’s it,” Ravendil whispered, staring at her gray eyes in the mirror.

Ravendil started towards the door, then froze. What about her parents? Neela, her mother… and Ag. Should I tell them? They had been pretty distant recently… She sighed. They’ll be alright.

But on that note… Maybe I should tell someone. So they know where I’ve gone. Or at least that I’ve not been abducted. Ravendil thought about it for a moment. Everyone probably would think it’s stupid. She shook herself. I’m letting myself get distracted.

She marched through the wooden door and didn’t look back.

Way to go, Rav!  I'm so proud of m- I mean, haha, ahem.  That's all for this week!  I hope you enjoyed, and I'll see you in Jamaa!  


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