Monday, March 7, 2016

Rare Clover Tie and Clover Cloud

Hey jammers! I'm ever so sorry for the lateness, it's been a crazy day. Luckily today is Monday which means a new rare has hit the shelves...
The Rare Clover Tie is located on the 15th page of Jam Mart Clothing! Perfect for creating Lucky Day animal outfits - the tie especially looks neat on otters with the Leprechaun Hat.
What better way to celebrate the otters of Jamaa returning with a lucky outfit? Meanwhile, in the Diamond Shop we have the Clover Cloud being sold for the festivities!
If you need a little inspiration for decorating at the gorgeous Lucky Castle den, be sure to pop into the new showroom on the Epic Den list! 
No new unreleased items this time, but the den is filled with beautiful decorations. Happy jamming!

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