Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spring Festival, Den Tabs, and Mushroom Hut

Hey jammers! Happy St. Patrick's Day - luckily today Animal Jam updated with a lovely update! Firstly, our den inventories have had a helpful adjustment that many jammers requested!
Now decorating is much easier with the new tabs: furniture, plushies, plants, and wall items! Next up, the Spring Festival adventure returns!
Easter seems so early this year, hehe. The Spring Festival adventure is such a wonderful seasonal adventure and rewards all jammers with beautiful Springtime den items - exclusive items for members.
The Mushroom Hut departed in 2014 - now the den has returned for the Springtime activities! Perfect for decorating an adorable Easter themed den, don't you think?
Moving on, we have news on the new den inventory tabs! I believe the Spring items in the picture are available from the Spring Festival adventure; aren't they pretty? 
The den inventory update certainly is helpful! Rhinos are now travelling and hopefully, they will return soon, probably sometime next year with a rhino minibook. 
And the last Jamaa Journal page is a reminder about the newest retail gift card bonus. Over on Tunnel Town be sure to check out the Lucky Day festivities - the Luck Bunny has returned to McFluffin's Market!
Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day to all you Irish jammers out there! Happy jamming.

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