Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Shamrock Gate and Fence

Hey jammers! Today we have two returning items being sold in Jam Mart Furniture - the Shamrock Gate and Fence. 
Perfect for decorating nature dens, especially for the Lucky Day (St. Patrick's Day) festivities! We have two new JAGs (Jam-a-Grams) on Play Wild.
The horses of Jamaa get a warm welcome to Play Wild with a new JAG, the same with the gorgeous Pegasus Palace. 
I hope we see the Pegasus Palace come to Animal Jam - the den is beautifully detailed! Over on AJHQ's Daily Explorer blog, there is a new theme for Tuesdays: Tierney Tuesday!
Every Tuesday Tierney (Nat Geo Marine Biologist) will be sharing her animal stories with us. This week, Tierney shared her adventures with an Olive Ridley Sea Turtle!
Are you excited to read more from Tierney? Happy jamming.

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