Monday, March 21, 2016

Rare Spring Flower Crown & Speed Den Decoration

 Hey jammers! Snowyclaw here with a quick Monday post – today's rare item is the Rare Spring Flower Crown, for sale in Jam Mart Clothing (sold along with the RIMs of the past two weeks).
I wonder why RIMs are hanging about? They always have such lovely art features for them on the Daily Explorer, great job AJHQ!

Speaking of hanging about, we also have some winter-time ads still wandering about the interwebs. It's always interesting to see how AJHQ represents jammers' outfits – do you think it matches players?
Also be sure to grab the Clover Headband on its last day!
Won't be returning to Jamaa until next year..

And lastly just a silly speed decoration of the Lucky Castle Den I showed a picture of yesterday. A lot of you expressed interest on learning how to construct an overview map of your den, would you like my to make a tutorial? Should it be a video or blog post??
Happy jamming!!

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