Sunday, March 6, 2016

Clover Blanket & Julius Caesar the Roman Tiger

 Hey jammers! Snowyclaw here with the returning classic, the Clover Blanket. Do you ever get tired of seeing items return year to year, or do you like the regularity of seeing these old-timers come back to Jamaa?
I think that the holiday seasons in Animal Jam always give me a little nostalgia – it's interesting what a game can do to that, isn't it?

I love when AJ integrates their style into ways of learning about animals and history – we probably can all agree that Julius Caesar could be represented by a tiger (especially if said tiger wore a kilt).
What would an Animal Jam ancient Rome be like? We already have some interesting, Greek/Roman mythology icons within the game, I wonder if AJHQ will ever explore further forms of education...
Would history ever have a place in Jamaa? It would so cool if we could travel back to old environments like those found in the ice ages...
Oops, I be rambling.
To wrap up this brief little Sunday post, be sure to enter the fun little diamond contest on the Daily Explorer by this evening. It has a different spin this time 

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