Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Epic Dragon Skull, Spooky Table & Arctic Fox Facts

Hey jammers! Snowy here again with a little Tuesday news post. First off we have the lovely new Day of the Phantoms items!
The classic Epic Dragon Skull (surprisingly located in Jam Mart Clothing this year) and the spoopy Spooky Table (for sale in Jam Mart Furniture). Two pretty sound additions to the holiday, doncha think?

Today's trivia section will focus on the possible new animal coming to Jamaa, but first I bring to you this little picture advertising Play Wild.

More versions for the app (Windows tablets, iPhones, etc..) are hopefully coming out by the end of the year, possibly extending into the next. Isn't it just amazing how big Animal Jam has become? 
But being big doesn't mean they don't have their bad days. Here we have some green diamonds! There was also a little bug over the weekend that allowed users to register under previously restricted usernames. That's why you can spot old names like "fmann122" and "wretchedjungle." Don't worry, no hackers, just new jammers who thought it would be funny to use those usernames to spook people.

'Tis the season, eh?

Anywho, on to our Trivia Tuesday! There was a lot of discussion on what Animal Jam's new animal will be in yesterday's post, sooo... I present the Arctic Fox! I thought I'd mention that compared to the more traditional fox (usually people think of the Red Fox) this fella is of tinier stature, rounder shape, and with shorter snout and smaller ears! 
Does that sound like our mystery animal?
The Arctic Fox is rounder to retain body heat better in cold arctic winters; their fur thought to have the best insulation of any mammal. If you were to look at their paws, you'd notice they even have fur in between their toes to keep them nice and warm.

Though their ears are smaller (far away extremities are hard to get body heat to) these foxes have excellent hearing. They can even track a small mammal under the snow – once locating it they will jump into the air and punch through the top layer of icey snow with their two front peets (paw feet). Watch the video below to see them in action!

Hehe, I couldn't stop giggling at the segment around (2:30). Aren't they adorable? What do you think of their prospects for becoming Jamaa's newest animal? Do you have any more interesting facts about foxes?
Hope to see you in the spookified land of Jamaa.
Happy jamming!

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