Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pet Tarantulas, Returning Spikes, Haunted Forest Party, and Arctic Fox?

Hey jammers! Before we get to this week's wonderful update, firstly we have the returning Ghost Balloon added to the spooky balloon collection in Jam Mart Clothing. 
Pet Tarantulas (the feature of this update) have returned to the diamond shop for the Night of the Phantoms festival! These scary but cute little guys can be found at the diamond shop for 3 diamonds, as usual. 
More exciting news that I think some jammers will be happy about, this weekend only Spike Collars and Spike Wristbands will be on sale in the diamond shop. Make sure you pop by on this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!
Just in time for Night of the Phantoms, everyone's favorite Haunted Forest Party is here with new den items and clothing items, with some returning favorites too. And you can now click the bats around Jamaa to learn fun facts!
Here are the items being sold at the party! I'm loving how AJHQ made new items at both the Spooky Party and Haunted Forest Party, what about you jammers? Den shop. . . 
Clothing shop. . . 
 Now, this is probably the most exciting part of the update. A new animal is coming to Jamaa, there is an animal clue at Mt. Shiveer. My guess is the new animal will be an arctic fox? If so, I think they'll make the perfect new animal! What are your predictions? 
There is a new retail gift card bonus, AJHQ are offering a polar bear with three bonus items. I personally think offering an already released animal from the diamond shop as a membership bonus is lazy. I wouldn't pay for a membership card just to get three items and the polar bear animal I already have, from the diamond (money) shop. 
Our my settings tab has a new option added! Now all jammers can either use their animal name or username on their nametag, woohoo!! Pretty neat? 
And to wrap up this update post, here is the new events calendar. 
Happy jamming!

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