Thursday, October 22, 2015

Spooky Fence, Phantom Throne, & Steampunk Items

Hey jammers! Today's returning items for the Day of the Phantoms festival are the Spooky Fence (Jam Mart Furniture) and Phantom Throne (Epic Wonders).

I apologize if there is any new items in Jam Mart Clothing, it's not loading for me and other jammers, bugs, bugs, bugs everywhere, hehe. Over in Outback Imports, there is a selection of new steampunk items for only 5 gems, perhaps it's a glitch or they are released early.

I love the look of these items, wonderful work AJHQ! But it's possible the steampunk items are a new den set that AJHQ released early. With all the Day of the Phantom celebrations happening in game, on the Daily Explorer there is some new ''phantastic'' Jammer Art posted.
And there is a new image on the Daily Explorer sidebar advertising the next Jammer Art topics, this is pretty neat and helpful! Don't you think??
The beautiful Rose Table and Giant Magnet are departing in the next couple of days, sold in Jam Mart Furniture!
Happy jamming. x

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