Friday, October 23, 2015

Night of the Phantoms Mini-Update

Hey jammers! Yesterday there was a mini Night of the Phantoms update, firstly let's get started with a bunch of returning spooky items for the season! I'm terribly sorry for not posting this yesterday, WiFi issues and such. 

In Jam Mart Clothing and Jam Mart Furniture 

The first page of the new Jamaa Journal is all about the Night of the Phantoms (also known as Day of the Phantoms) festival!

Moving on to the next page, remember the steampunk items I mentioned in my post yesterday? They're actually a new den set in Outback Imports. Keep checking back for new items!
Here are the steampunk items. Wonderful work, AJHQ!!
It's lovely to see den sets being sold in different shops. The next page of this week's Jamaa Journal is all about this year's Night of the Phantoms items and Bitter Sweets. 2 billion pieces of candy have been collected, that's crazy!!
And the next two pages of the Jamaa Journal is repeated news about the new animal and membership card bonus.
Again, I wouldn't pay my hard earned money just for three items and a polar bear animal I already have from last year. 
To wrap up this update post, on the Daily Explorer there is a new Wild Explorers (a series hosted by Cami) episode featuring bats!
Happy Night of the Phantoms!
PS. Pop by my haunted mansion den for a cool hangout and a spooky scare!!

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