Sunday, October 11, 2015

Scary Eyes, Floating Candle, Creature Mask, and Phantom Poem Diamond Challenge

Hey jammers! I apologize for no post yesterday and posting slightly late today, I'm currently going through some personal problems. Anywho, there is a bunch of returning Night of the Phantoms items in Jamaa's shops. 

Scary Eyes and Floating Candle in Jam Mart Furniture 
 Creature Mask in Jam Mart Clothing
Superhero Cape and Skeleton Mask in Bahari Bargains
Coral Phantom Statue in Sunken Treasures 
On the Daily Explorer there is a new Diamond Challenge all about phantom poems! 5 diamonds up for grabs!! Maybe you jammers can share your phantom poem entries here on Animal Jam Spirit?

Cami has uploaded a spooky Wild Explorers episode about how to make dry ice bubbles.

What's your favorite episode so far? Today is the last day for the Buried Statue in the Excavation Den Set collection, sold in Jam Mart Furniture. Also leaving is the beautiful Daisy Rug!
Happy jamming.

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