Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Spirit Snaps #1
Spookiness, Halloween and Night of the Phantoms!

Heyo jammers! PopsicleGT here resurrecting (resurrecting... spooky...) an old weekly post theme - Spirit Snaps! This weekly themed post is based on that of AJHQ's DE Jammer Snaps. Basically, I pose a topic, then you guys can send in some snapshots of you and your friends in Jamaa, with the snapshot being related to the theme! The best snapshot wins a prize, and I'll also try to feature all of your submissions even if you didn't win the prize!

Alrighty, let's get onto the theme! Of course, the theme is Night of the Phantoms (Halloween) and spooky stuff in general! Halloween is a yearly celebration which is celebrated on the 31st of October! It also goes by the name of  "All Hallow's Day" and "All Saint's Eve". It is celebrated by the usual Trick-or-Treating, making pumpkin Jack-O-Lanterns, dressing up in scary outfits and much much more!

Here are a couple of collages I made of the spoopy spooky snaps Jammers sent in!

And of course, we have to have a winner! The prize for the Spooky and Night of the Phantoms theme was a Rare Tie Dye Shirt, and a Rare Unicorn Horn!
The lucky winner was Tanglelegs, with this pawsome snapshot of her fox brewing potions!
If you'd like to win a couple of rares like Tanglelegs, specifically a Rare Wizard Hat and a Freedom Mask, then enter your snapshots for the next theme- Mountains, Snow and Ice!

To submit your snaps, you can email your snapshots to spiritjammer@gmail.com, or submit them with the hashtag #ajsmountainsnap at the Google+ Animal Jam community!

 Entries for Mountains, Snow and Ice will close at 12.00 Monday 26th October AJS time.

As you may have noticed, I'm a new Spirit Author, so I'll just do a quick introduction of myself here! My AJ username is PopsicleGT, but you can call me Pop, or Popsicle for short. I've been playing AJ since 2010 Beta. I'm buddies with a couple of other AJS authors, (Isa4322, Choruss and Tigerlypaws), and before becoming an author, I also sent in a few glitches, and commented on some posts, so you might have already seen me around!. Being an AJS author had always been my AJ goal, so I'm really happy to have joined the team!

That's all I have time for today! Happy jamming, and have a pawtastic day!

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